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Chaplaincy Services

The Chaplaincy Department offers services and programs at NVMHI that have been developed to meet the spiritual needs and interests of different religious and cultural traditions. Weekly worship and prayer times are planned for specific religious traditions based on the number of people at the Institute practicing a particular religious tradition. Currently there are weekly Ecumenical Christian worship services each Sunday and weekly Islamic prayer times on Thursdays or Fridays. Each month there are prayer and meditation opportunities with Buddhist spiritual leaders. Special prayer and religious day celebrations are offered for other world religions, such as Jewish faith. There are multiple Interfaith prayer and program offerings each month.

All spiritual seekers are welcome at any of the services or prayer times. Religious tolerance is emphasized with the consumers of services being encouraged to respect differences while learning about universal values held in common. There is emphasis on respect and care for our neighbors and the stranger in our midst. The development of a NVMHI Spiritual Center room in 2009, with decor to honor and educate about different world religions and spiritual paths, has provided a peaceful setting for dialogues about religious interests and beliefs.

The diverse and comprehensive Spiritual program offered to consumers has been possible because of a large group of highly trained and devoted Chaplaincy volunteers who come to NVMHI on a regular basis to provide worship, prayer, study, and pastoral care services beyond what the facility chaplain can offer. Others have contributed to the Chaplaincy program through donation of spiritual resources, such as Bibles, Qur’ans, Tanakhs, books, hymnals, prayer beads and other resources. Such donations are always very needed and most appreciated.

In addition to the prayer and study opportunities as noted, the Chaplaincy Department offers:

Please feel free to be in touch concerning any questions. And again we always welcome any donations of new or gently used religious resources.

Contact Information

Chaplain Nicole Colbert MDiv. PBCC
Director of Chaplaincy Services
NVMHI, 703-207-7441

Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute